Wednesday, August 21

10:30 am - 11:10 am

Your Work Has Moral Implications. Own it.

Function Stage

About the event

A non-trivial number of us are working for companies with highly questionable business models: models which depend on morally questionable methods to make a profit. There are many examples, from the obvious (we'll use your data in ways that aren't in your best interests) to the sneaky (give us your data and we might give you a discount while we sell it to someone else) to the downright dastardly (we're sending your data to people that will use it against you.) As the professionals responsible for implementing the solutions Management has in mind, it's about time we gave this more thought. In this talk, you'll hear a new Code of Ethics for software developers that's usable by those of us who work for others. You'll learn about the construct of malpractice, what it means in comparable professions, and how it might apply to the field of computer science. You'll acquire techniques for addressing moral concerns up front with your employer. And you'll get recommendations for what to do when you're asked to make something you find morally repugnant or professionally questionable.


Bill Horvath

Bill is a developer and Agilist, with depth in both software engineering and application implementations. He has decades of professional experience in information technology, startups, industrial psychology, and management consulting, and his most noteworthy industry expertise is in software, digital media, utilities, automotive, healthcare, government, and non-profits. He was the founder of Coders Helping Recruiters and on the organizing committee for Toledo Soup, and volunteers on non-profit boards whenever he gets the chance. In his spare time, he enjoys creating art in various mediums, and mentoring up-and-coming software developers.