Wednesday, August 21

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm

You're Better at CSS Than You Think

Dynamic Stage

About the event

A few months ago in a spontaneous research project, I decided to scrape the top 10,000 most visited websites on the internet to look at their CSS. This talk is a breakdown of what I found (spoiler - not all of it was good). This is for all the developers who have ever said "I'm (adverb) bad at CSS", thought it, or heard someone else say it. What does it mean to be "good at CSS"? When is 'float' a good idea, or is it? How much should browsers dictate what we can use? Let's find out!


Thomas Golden

Tom Golden is a software engineer who works for Hatched Labs in San Francisco. He moved from England to Silicon Valley three years ago with a degree in Discrete Mathematics, where he has worked for some hot start-ups, including Shipt where he was hired to be their first web developer. He has a profound affection for all things CSS and design.