Wednesday, August 21

11:00 am - 11:40 am

Muddling Through the Middle Bits: What Comes After Junior and Before Senior

Global Stage

About the event

There’s a ton of advice out there for junior developers: how to grow your skills, how to contribute effectively without a lot of experience, how to ask good questions. Likewise, there’s a lot of good advice for senior developers on how lead and mentor effectively and how to leverage their knowledge and experience. Left out are the people in between those two extremes: the developers who aren’t junior anymore, but haven’t risen to truly “senior developer” status.How do you get from junior to senior? Perhaps it's just a matter of time: Junior Dev + 5 years = Senior Dev? Is it some combination of depth and breadth of knowledge? Are team skills or technical ones the most important in this transition? How do you know you've crossed into senior territory? For that matter, how do you know you're no longer a junior? Let’s explore this squishy middle area, its landmarks and signposts, and try to find a personalized map of the mid-career.


Anne Cahalan

Anne is an iOS developer Detroit Labs, where she is constantly delighted by the niftiness of Swift. Passionate about clean code, craft cocktails, and nice yarn, she dreams of an elegantly-designed app that pairs cocktails with knitting patterns. She is contractually required to mention her three-legged cat, Wobbles.