Wednesday, August 21

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Maintaining a Legacy Haskell App as Not-Yet-Experts

Dynamic Stage

About the event

In 2016, Jacobin Magazine asked Position Development to expand their existing Haskell app. Instead of only serving ecommerce forms through iFrames in their WordPress, their Haskell app would serve the entire site, including every article from the magazine and blog. Early into the project, the original creator of the app left Position to begin a career in research. I was suddenly the most experienced Haskell developer on my team, while I still had less than a year of professional experience in tech. In this talk, I'll discuss both a) the technical aspects of the work and b) what it was like to try to make it all happen as part of a small team of non-expert Haskellers. Some of the topics I'll touch on include: - Larceny, our HTML templating language - Offset, our library for rendering content via JSON APIs - Feeling disconnected from the larger language community, coping with inexperience as a team, and continuing to learn and grow as a functional programmer


Libby Horacek