Wednesday, August 21

10:00 am - 10:40 am

Kill All Mutants! (Intro to Mutation Testing)

Inline Stage

About the event

How good are your tests? Would they still pass if the tested code was changed much? If so, there's probably a problem with your code, your tests, or both! Mutation Testing helps reveal these cases. It makes changed versions of your code (mutants) and runs your tests against the mutants to "kill" them. "Survivors" imply that there are flaws in your tests, or maybe your code. This talk will tell you how and why to use mutation testing, and how it works, including some examples and tools for popular languages. (Cover image credit: - used by permission)


Dave Aronson

Dave Aronson is a software development consultant, with about three and a half decades of experience, in a wide variety of languages, techniques, etc. He is the "T. Rex" of Codosaurus, LLC (his one-person company, which is how he got such a cool title). His latest passion project is to perfect and spread his ACRUMEN software quality definition. On lighter notes, Dave is married, is owned by two cats, and enjoys dark beers, smoky whiskies, visiting foreign countries, playing guitar, and shooting targets.