Wednesday, August 21

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

Company Culture: Evolving It, Not Creating/Maintaining It

Cache Stage

About the event

When companies start paying attention to company culture they tend to focus on how to create or maintain it. You'll hear discussions about if interview candidates might adapt to the current culture. Efforts will be made to weed out those who do not fit in with how things are perceived as working for the team now. This is toxic and destructive to the long term success of the team, company, and most importantly the individuals. The dynamic of how people within any group interact is an organic, evolving thing that should never and can never remain static. Culture is not a zero-sum game where people can be added or subtracted to reach an ideal, finite point. We'll go over: - why culture should not be seen as something to create or maintain - different perspectives and techniques to reframe how you view and evaluate your company dynamic - ways to shift your interview and performance review mindset towards promoting healthy dynamics and providing growth in the areas that need attention


Jesse James

Jesse (he/him) is a lover of dogs, cats, and trees. You'll find him living in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. with his dog Maddy and cat Poppy. Currently, Jesse is working as a senior software engineer at Conversa Health, a health and care management software startup in Portland, OR.