Wednesday, August 21

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

We Didn’t Know Until We Knew: A Journey Through End Times

Function Stage

About the event

Last year, our documentation team’s cloud-based authoring tool collapsed. The authoring tool is our team’s core tool. It manages our version control, source control, collaboration, review status, and publishing. This tool collapsing was one of our worst-case-scenario situations. However, we had prepared for this possibility because of our pre-purchase risk assessment, and our mitigation allowed us to get our release out on time, within two weeks of the tool’s collapse. In this talk, I walk through the warning signs we caught and the ones we missed as well as the mitigation strategies we had implemented that allowed us to recover with no disruption to our end-users. While this case study features an authoring tool, the strategies presented herein apply to any tool you rely on as a key part of your workflow.


Margaret Fero

Margaret Fero is a Technical Writer at Degreed, where she enjoys helping users track all of their skills regardless of how those skills were developed. She previously documented software for containerized freight shipping.