Wednesday, August 21

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

The Next Billion Users and the Digital Gender Divide

Exception Stage

About the event

By the end of 2019, about half of the global population will be online. In many parts of the world, however, internet access is strikingly disparate by gender, preventing women from accessing modern technology. In a world where we access our money, education, and crucial information about daily life from the internet, promoting equal access to the web is key to promoting gender equality on all levels. In this session, we’ll dive into where the next billion users are and what their lives are like, how these users are getting online, and how internet access is a gender equality issue. On the way, we’ll talk about how to design and develop for global users, since these next billion users will soon be key for any global company’s future strategy.


Sara Cashman

Sara brings together endless curiosity and passion for all the amazing things technology can do to build clean, performant front-end experiences. She is currently on the front end team for a niche e-commerce company, where accuracy, performance, and cross-browser functionality are key. She also believes in the power of community and lifting up other people into where they want their tech careers to go. A previous Chapter Leader for Girl Develop It, Sara co-founded Inclusive Tech Lab to focus on bringing the abundance of tech talent in the Boston area and those who want to learn those skills together. When she's not stuck in an internet rabbit hole, Sara loves volunteering at the Museum of Fine Arts, getting outside on a hike or to the beach, and reading.