Wednesday, August 21

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Metal2Docker: Taking Software as a Service Microservices Architectures Beyond the Cloud and Into the On-Prem Enterprise Environment

Buffer Stage

About the event

On-prem enterprise software deserves the benefits of CI/CD as much as their cloud-based counterparts. Continuous automatic software updates on autonomous on-prem systems which the software developer has very little control over is now made easier with the use of containers within a microservices architectures. This is how SAAS is made possible on-prem. In this talk we describe a methodology for converting enterprise on-prem single-server software architectures to fully containerized microservices architectures. We go through different architectural components and show how they can be containerized by converting their bare metal configurations into a combination of Dockerfiles, configuration templates, environment variable files and scripts. Moreover, we describe how to build a set of accompanying metal2docker containers which will automatically transform every service on every on-prem deployment of the software, into a containerized one which can be self-upgraded to future versions of the software's microservices architecture. We also show specific examples of how we did this for services like mysql, redis, ruby and node.js. We create a complete production software release with a self-upgrading system which depends on a set of cloud repositories to handle software releases or even off-line upgrades. Specialized micro services are used to handle the software updates. The self updating system is also capable of maintaining the software's host, upgrading the docker daemon and reconfiguring the docker network to match the customer's enterprise network configuration using another set of microservices.


Panickos Neophytou

Panickos earned his PhD in computer science from the University of Pittsburgh. He has been building distributed data-stream processing and data management systems for over ten years. Panickos is the system architect and technical driving force behind the development of NetBeez. His interests now are focused on delivering top-quality, highly scalable, stream processing, on-prem software products in using a SaaS model.