Wednesday, August 21

1:30 pm - 2:10 pm

Measuring the Human Impact of Software Best Practices: A Story of CSS and Empathy

Cache Stage

About the event

When was the last time you measured how much your application's CSS bundle cost your users to download? A non-zero percentage of people using your or your company's products pay for their internet by the byte. This is an especially stark truth for people in developing nations. Efforts towards reducing bundle sizes and improving caching strategies are not only good technical practice, but good ethical and business practice as well. In this session, I will illustrate, using real numbers, costs, and stories, the realities of making a living in developing nations working for some of the biggest names in AI and ML. I'll connect industry best practices in managing static assets to the people those practices benefit, identifying win-win opportunities for you, your product, and your communities.



Jeremy is a programmer and engineering leader living in Seattle, WA. With a philosophy that eyes technology as the means rather than the end, Jeremy takes a human-centric approach to both people leadership and software development. With 15 years experience, he utilizes technology as a medium for human expression, building real-world communities, and solving real problems. He specializes in open-source development using languages like Ruby, JavaScript, and Elixir. Jeremy is also a conference organizer, public speaker, community advocate, teacher, and fervent record collector.