Wednesday, August 21

12:00 pm - 12:40 pm

Leveraging Kubevirt and Kubernetes as a Training Platform

Global Stage

About the event

As organizations look to keep up with an always evolving tech landscape, being able to easily run workshops and developing proof-of-concepts on a particular technology can become a critical utility in keeping a teams skills up to date or getting new members onboard. However this pipeline that you depend on can quickly become a nightmare due to the cost of maintenance in order to keep up with the changing variables of the teams you are working with (cloud environment, local policies, etc.). In this session, we will demonstrate how focusing on Kubevirt in conjunction with Kubernetes as your workshop platform can allow you to spend less time worrying about where and how you are going to dive in on new technical content for the purpose of workshops, PoCs and Testing - allowing you to shift your focus to what may matter more - your actual content. .


Tyler Auerbeck

Tyler Auerbeck is a Site Reliability Engineer with Red Hat's Open Innovation Labs. He is currently focusing on Kubernetes, automation and observability with an interest in building open, cross-functional teams.