Wednesday, August 21

1:00 pm - 1:40 pm

Humane Tech: Redefining the Relationship with Pervasive Technology

Dynamic Stage

About the event

This talk will orient around my efforts to change and re-orient my relationship to technology, with special attention paid to social media, streaming media (i.e., YouTube, Netflix), and tools to measure and assess technology use. My personal experience will be used to segue into personal evaluation of tech use, and how the user/technology relationship can become more complementary, rather than consumptive. It is NOT about quitting one's smartphone, but rather, using technology in a way that enhances, rather than detracts, from daily life. The structure of the talk will include 5 sections: - Defining and explaining 'humane technology' and why it matters - An exploration of how different platforms (especially Facebook, Twitter, and Google) use hyper-targeted user data to segment and engage users - The starting point: an honest look at my own idle smartphone use ... and what prompted me to change - Tools and data: apps used to measure time spent in different apps, identifying triggers, and physical interventions ('sleeping bag' for phones) - First-pass efforts: how successful was I? What happened as a result? Where do I/we go from here?


Leah Jakaitis