Wednesday, August 21

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

How to Build a Community from Scratch (While Conquering Social Anxiety)

Hard Coded Stage

About the event

How do you persuade people to join you in building a new community, especially when you have no idea what you're doing? I'll share my journey from socially anxious introvert with no technical background to founder of Learn Teach Code, the largest learning-focused tech meetup in Southern California with over 9,400 members. The educational half of this talk: we'll explore how beginners can become mentors, how concepts from social science research can apply to tech communities, and how to recruit volunteers. The personal half of this talk: I'll talk about community building as a form of social anxiety desensitization therapy, fighting depression by making new friends, and learning to code through peer-led, informal study groups.


Liz Krane

Liz Krane is a developer advocate at Sentry and founder of Learn Teach Code, an organization that empowers aspiring developers to lead their own local events to create stronger, more diverse tech communities. She loves finding new ways to combine code with other disciplines like art and music, sharing everything she learns while she tries to learn everything!