Wednesday, August 21

4:30 pm - 5:10 pm

Game Development in Eight Bits

Global Stage

About the event

The "8-Bit" era of the late 1980s brought video games into the home with systems like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Developers of the time produced iconic games and introduced entire genres of video game that are still with us to this day, all while working with limited hardware that required inventive approaches. This talk will explore how NES developers created more with less, looking at techniques and algorithms used in professionally-developed NES games to handle physics, collision detection, randomness, data compression, and more.


Kevin Zurawel

Kevin has been an NES fan since he first played "Super Mario Bros." in 1989. He learned to program out of a love of video games, and ended up with a career in web development. Kevin is currently an Engineering Manager at Snapsheet in Chicago. He has previously spoken on computing history and game development topics at conferences like Abstractions, Node.js Interactive, ForwardJS, and Strange Loop.