Thursday, August 22

3:30 pm - 4:10 pm

From Software Craftsman to Product Owner

Cache Stage

About the event

Many start-ups are driven by an entrepreneur who is a subject matter expert looking for a technical co-founder. This is a story of a software craftsman who unwittingly became as subject matter expert due to his sons interest in American Ninja Warrior and subsequent success in the related sport. He quickly saw the need for software that would help run events more efficiently and effectively. So, he decided to birth a Software-as-a-Service with his high-performance, multi-disciplinary team. He’ll walk through the story of how the SaaS evolved from concept to the standard for the major organizations in the sport in roughly a year’s time. He’ll punctuate the advantages and disadvantages of being a Product Owner who had previously always been on the side of the technical team.


Ken Auer

Ken Auer is the founder and Master Craftsman of RoleModel Software. He is the author of Extreme Programming Applied and a variety of early software patterns works. For over four decades, he has applied his craft as a leader of high-performance development teams. Ken was introduced as "the father of Software Craftsmanship" as the opening keynote speaker at the first Software Craftsmanship North America conference. Though he occasionally speaks in various venues, he spends most of his time focused on working with his high-performance, multi-disciplinary team to turn others' innovative ideas into well-crafted sustainable software and raising up generations of software crafters through the Software Craftsmanship Academy and RoleModel Software..