Thursday, August 22

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

For the Love of Logs

Function Stage

About the event

Logs: they're just simple lines of text, right? How is something so small and seemingly uncomplicated actually so important and...complicated? Whether your logs are still hanging out on your hosts without centralization or you currently manage an ELK stack, this talk will explain why you should be as obsessed about logs as I am. Topics covered: * Who loves logs across an entire organization and what they do for the people who love them * What makes a good log including formatting, keys, etc. * How log centralization was implemented in a small Rails shop * How that simple implementation saved a lot of headaches and provided simple but essential observability * How I improved log standardization and utilization at massive scale across various microservice infrastructures * What considerations you need to make for logging at massive scale at both application and infrastructure levels


Aly Fulton

Senior Site Reliability Engineer at npm, Inc. I really love performant systems, empathetic teams, and logs.