Wednesday, August 21

2:30 pm - 3:10 pm

Congrats! You're the First Person to Have a Baby at Your Startup. Now What?

Exception Stage

About the event

Having a baby is a big life change. Being the first person to have a baby at a startup makes it feel even more daunting. This talk walks you through the steps I took when I was the first person to go on family leave at my previous job (a startup), including educating my company about what leave I was entitled to, and shows how you can own the situation and take control. This talk is for anyone who works in startups who is thinking about having a baby (or adopting one!), is currently expecting a child, or just wants to be an ally in the workplace for soon-to-be parents.


Wendy Gwo

Wendy is a software engineer in Los Angeles. She loves all things tech, and started off as an electrical engineer before transitioning into front end web development 4 years ago. She’s currently a senior software engineer at Aspiration in Los Angeles, where she gets to play with React and GraphQL to build great experiences for both internal and external customers. Outside of work, she loves traveling, exploring the great outdoors, eating carbs, and chasing around her rambunctious toddler.