Wednesday, August 21

3:30 pm - 4:10 pm

Community Driven Development: Sustainable Open Source for Social Justice

Inline Stage

About the event

As developers who want to lend our skills to support organizations fighting for social justice, how do we build effective, impactful collaborations with organizations and make the resulting open source projects sustainable? Over two years and 978 commits, we’ll follow the evolution of an open source project built with and for New Sanctuary Coalition, an NYC immigrant rights organization, to help them meet exponentially growing demand for their services following the 2016 election. We’ll examine how having technologists embedded in NSC facilitated the initial application build out through first-hand knowledge of the work the software is supporting, motivation of working alongside a community, and mutual trust with leadership. Through lessons learned in maintaining open source and reflection on how NSC builds community, we’ll talk about the strategies we implemented to recruit and onboard contributors, keep contributors motivated and engaged, and make contributors part of the larger NSC community.


Christine Zagrobelny

Christine is a Ruby engineer, open source maintainer, and theatre director. As an engineer at Fractured Atlas, she builds tools to help artists with the business side of their art (fundraising, selling tickets, finding studio/performance space). Outside of work, Christine maintains open source software to support the work of an NYC immigrant rights organization (New Sanctuary Coalition) and is an organizer for RailsBridge NYC. She is driven and inspired by the potential of technology to enable small organizations with limited resources to maximize their impact.