Wednesday, August 21

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm

Building Software for People Who Don’t Want to Use It

Buffer Stage

About the event

Software can be frustrating to use. It can be buggy and unstable or confusing and unwelcoming. Nonetheless, we turn to software everyday because we don’t have a ton of other options. But as people who build software we do have a better option. We can build software people want to use by empathizing with the humans who use it. In this talk, we’ll see how we can build software people enjoy using by exploring the wedding RSVP app my wife and I built for our big, diverse family. A seemingly simple RSVP app can become accessible, fun to use software when we consider our audience.


Ali Ibrahim

Ali is a seasoned developer who likes a good challenge. When he’s not busy chasing the root cause of a nasty bug, he’s busy mastering a new recipe or defending the garden from pesky squirrels (*waves fist*). You can find Ali online at and on Twitter @alimeye.