Wednesday, August 21

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Building Accessibility Together

Dynamic Stage

About the event

Accessibility can be a natural part of the design and development process that doesn’t sacrifice on looks or deadlines. Building an accessible product requires a team working together with intention, but it doesn’t require hours of poring through intimidating technical standards. This talk shows how to incorporate accessibility best practices into your team’s workflow, from the beginning of a design kickoff through engineering implementation. In this talk, we’ll build an interactive search component from scratch and examine ways to collaborate, create effective handoff materials, implement accessible features, and test your work. With these guidelines, you’ll be empowered to create accessible experiences with your team from start to finish.


Jesse Stewart

Jesse Stewart is a UX Developer at DockYard, a fully-distributed digital product agency. She’s a big fan of her dogs, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

David Luhr

David Luhr co-manages the UX Development team at DockYard, a fully-remote digital product agency. He does traditional woodworking, rides BMX, and creates content for Build UX, a YouTube series on expert HTML, CSS, and accessibility.