Wednesday, August 21

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Authenticate a user without a username, password, or database

Function Stage

About the event

Users don't want to log in, we force them to. How do you authenticate users of your application? It's such a common feature we don’t even think about it anymore. In this talk we will explore how to apply creative-thinking to problems by revisiting a fun example of a boring feature, authentication. But how exactly does this work? We could replace the username with face-id once they've signed up, but then there is the password... ok, let's just use an OTP and ditch the password. But storing user data without a database? Now that's a little tricky. Databases exist to serve our requirements, could we bend our requirements slightly to achieve what we need? Let's talk.


Simon van Dyk

Simon is a developer from South Africa living in London, interested in everything software from product design and development. He is trained as a computer scientist in artificial intelligence, now focusing on the unique challenges in healthcare. Simon shares his experience by giving talks around the world, mentoring at Codebar London, and is enjoys good coffee, classical music, cooking for loved ones, taking photos and talking nonsense. Catch him on twitter @siefi, github @sighmin or