Thursday, August 22

3:00 pm - 3:40 pm

Application Roll-Out Strategies - Day 2

Function Stage

About the event

Anyone who has deployed an application in production on Kubernetes has felt the pain of “day 2” issues that are often overlooked. After `HelloWorld` is deployed, an application is only as useful as the ability to change it and roll out a new version reliably. Seamlessly shift traffic to endpoints of an application by changing the mindset from how or where an application is deployed to just needing to understand it’s access. By applying some simple patterns, we can enable some pretty complex operations against inter-cluster, multi-cluster, as well as non-containerized endpoints. In this talk we’ll discuss how to apply different deployment strategies starting from very simple canary deploys, then to blue/green deploys and finally to more complex multi-cluster black/red strategies. These strategies not only enable simpler deployments but allow for maintenance of infrastructure as well as no risk cluster upgrades. We’ll also look at ways to allow teams to self-manage their application’s Ingress traffic safely and reliably without the risk of causing disruption to others in the cluster. Come see how bridging gap between traditional applications and containers can promote a cloud-native attitude towards infrastructure in the cloud or on-premises and gain better control over how your applications are accessed!


Steve Sloka

Steve Sloka is a Sr. Member of Technical Staff from Pittsburgh, PA currently working at VMware dealing with all things Cloud, Containers, and Kubernetes. Steve is a maintainer of Contour, Gimbal, the Elasticsearch Operator and is a contributor to many other open source projects. Steve is also a Kubernetes contributor and has been working with it since early 2015.