Thursday, August 22

11:30 am - 12:10 pm

Advanced automation and data intelligence – Omnicell’s journey to Autonomous pharmacy

Dynamic Stage

About the event

Join the session to learn about Omnicell’s journey to autonomous pharmacy through advanced automation and data intelligence. Omnicell offers a powerful combination of advanced automation, data intelligence, and expert services to better serve patients. Healthcare providers and pharmacies are replacing manual, error-prone tasks with more accurate, efficient processes through solutions like our advanced robotic systems and our analytics software and services. Automation alone isn’t enough. We are leveraging the data from automated systems to deliver intelligent insights and predictive analytics by creating a powerful data platform using Apache Spark and Machine Learning and a Microservices architecture to help deliver those insights to our end-users. Prizes and giveaways for attendees.


Arpan Acharya

Brian Hanolt

Software architect with expertise building microservice platforms and big data analytics that help improve medication management in healthcare.